Set up time

  • The Jimmy Jib requires about an hour to rig full extension (depending on the access to the location) The equipment is easily repositioned using off road wheels within a relatively level/contained location.
  • Should it become necessary, the gear is light enough (once camera and weights have been removed) for four crew to lift the entire crane fully rigged and reposition it up stairs or down the beach to save time and money where possible.
  • De-rig time is approximately 45minutes.

Lens control/Compatibility

  • The Jib comes equipped with a Two-Axis Remote Head that will handle most cameras from small DV, HDV & Betacam to HD and 35mm film camera’s with a 400ft mag and primes.
  • The camera is attached to the Head by means of a 3/8″ screw that attaches to most professional base-plates. We also have an adaptor plate for the smaller camera’s like the Sony EX1.
  • Our lens control system is compatible with Fuji and Cannon Broadcast lenses.
  • For film lenses, a remote focus system such as the Preston is required.

Power Requirements

  • The Jib has an on board 24V power supply. It can also be connected to house power or a generator via an AC adaptor when necessary.


  • The Jib has a relatively small footprint, however there is a minimum working area required to ensure maximum results.

Minimum and Maximum Reach

  • Jib extends from 1.8m to 9.1m from the fulcrum depending on requirements – see the Technical Information page for more detailed information


  • The equipment weighs approximately 400kg and can use up to 205kg of counterweight

Weather conditions

  • The Jib can be operated in most moderate weather conditions. Heavy rain and high wind are not ideal and the safety of equipment and crew in such conditions is left to the discretion of the operator or Key Grip.

Work terrain

  • The Jib can be rigged almost anywhere. The Heavy duty Tripod legs can be adjusted to accommodate sloping terrain and the four way leveler accommodates minor adjustments.
  • It is necessary at times to use Sub frames and boards to displace the weight of the Jib on soft sand or when rigged on a raised platform.
  • Timber chocking (Packers, Paganinis, wedges) are useful to have on standby.

Tracking & Tracking Vehicles

  • The small footprint and relatively light weight of the Jimmy Jib makes it ideal for tracking vehicle shots. The equipment can also be mounted on a skateboard dolly using standard track

Compatible Shooting Formats

The cameras listed below are some of the more popular formats used but certainly not a comprehensive list. Please enquire should you be uncertain of your camera systems compatibility with the Jib.

  • Arri Alexa
  • Arri 435
  • Arri 235
  • Arri D21
  • Red 1
  • Sony DSR 450
  • Sony F 900
  • Sony EX3
  • Canon D5 MKII