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Crows Nest supplies Jimmy Jib Triangle cranes across Southern Africa and have Jibs based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide well maintained equipment and experienced jib operators to ensure an efficient, professional result and maximise your production value.

We service the Film and Television industry across all genres and formats. Our experience covers Commercials and Features, Documentaries, Live Multi-Cam and Sport Events as well as Magazine and Reality TV shows.

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The Jimmy Jib triangle crane is a lightweight, modular Camera Crane system that comes equipped with a two-axis Remote Head capable of handling film and digital format cameras.

It was designed to handle an Arri 435 with a 400ft mag and prime lenses at full extension and remains a cost effective way of obtaining ‘the money shot’ when compared with most other remote head systems.

The Jib is quickly and easily repositioned using off-road wheels and can also be mounted on a Skateboard Dolly for use on standard Track for tracking shots. The equipment’s small footprint and light weight make it ideal for use on tracking vehicles and in tight or difficult environments like rooftops or cliff edges or anywhere where weight and or space are a potential issue.  For more information, please read our FAQs.