The Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane is a lightweight, modular camera crane that comes equipped with a two axis Remote Head System capable of handling any digital format cameras. It was designed to handle an Arri 435 with a 400ft mag and prime lenses at full extension. It is a cost effective way of obtaining ‘the money shot’ when compared with most other remote head systems. The Jib is quickly and easily repositioned using off-road wheels and can also be mounted on a Skateboard Dolly for use on standard Track for tracking shots. The equipment’s small footprint and light weight make it ideal for use on tracking vehicles and in tight or difficult environments like rooftops or cliff edges or anywhere where weight and or space are a potential issue.

Jib package includes:

  • Remote Head system with a max payload of 29.4kg
  • Remote Head operated by means of Joy Stick or ‘Crank wheel’ type controls
  • Remote Zoom, Focus and Iris controls for Fuji and Cannon Broadcast Lenses
  • Modular extruded aluminium triangle sections extend from 1.8m To 9.1m Depending on requirements
  • Rugged Heavy Duty Tripod and Four Way Levelling Plate
  • Off road wheels and ‘T-Base’ for ease and efficiency when repositioning jib
  • Square Base for extra stability and when used on Skateboard type dolly for Tracking
  • 9” SD Monitor
  • Compatible Shooting Formats

The cameras listed below are some of the more popular formats used but certainly not a comprehensive list. Please enquire should you be uncertain of your camera systems compatibility with the Jib.

  • Arri Alexa
  • Arri 435
  • Arri 235
  • Arri D21
  • Red 1
  • Sony DSR 450
  • Sony F 900
  • Sony EX3
  • Canon D5 MKII
Jimmy Jib Iris Warriors
Jimmy Jib working area range
JImmy Jib Specifications